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Lynbrook FD Honors Fallen Brothers
Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan

Since the forming of the Lynbrook Fire Department, six Lynbrook volunteers, between 1932 and 1963, have made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty for this community.  Each year during October the members, ladies, and juniors, come together at the Firefighter's Memorial on Sunrise Highway and hold a memorial service to remember those six fallen brothers.  This year the service was held on Sunday, October 18, 2009, and even though it was raining it did not keep the department from honoring these men.  After the completion of the service the department held a breakfast at the K of C hall on Hempstead Avenue.  The guest speaker at the breakfast this year was Malachy P. Corrigan, Director of the Counseling Service Unit of the FDNY.  Below are the pictures of the memorial service and the breakfast.  

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