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Injured Man Rescued From Roof

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan: Photos by Bill Bennett

On Tuesday morning, August 20, 2013, the homeowner of a house on Carpenter Avenue was on a ladder on the outside second floor landing attempting to paint the outside attic trim when the ladder gave way and the man fell to the flat roof on the second floor.  The man was knocked unconscious and suffered neck and back injuries.   Lynbrook Fire Chief Edward Hynes responded to the scene and requested  a response from Nassau County Police EMS when LFD's Emergency Medical Company was  busy on another emergency call.  He also requested a response by Truck Company's Unit 427 to help remove the man from the roof.  Just as Truck Company arrived at the house the man awoke and crawled back into the window on the second floor.  The man was treated inside the room on the second floor but due to a tight staircase it would have been very difficult to carry the man on a stretcher down the stairs.  The man was placed on a back board and then into a basket and passed out the window by firefighters onto the bucket of 427.  The man was then lowered to the ground where NCPD EMS took the man to South Nassau.  The man's injuries were not serious.   Additional firefighters from Engine Company also assisted.


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