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Dog Rescued at House Fire on Smith Street

 Story  by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan - Photos by Dennis Whittam

On Monday, March 17, 2008, the volunteers of the Lynbrook Fire Department were called out at 9:33 AM for a reported fire at 62 Smith Street.  A neighbor called the fire in after hearing some type of explosion and seeing smoke coming from the house.  Smoke quickly filled the area making it nearly impossible to see anything on Smith Street. 

Engine Company was the first engine on the scene and took the hydrant just up the block after dropping two attack hose lines in front of the house.    Engine Company took one line in and began to attack a fully involved fire that had engulfed the back rear kitchen and was quickly spreading in the ceiling in the dining room.  Tally-Ho Engine 3 which arrived with Engine Company took the second line into the house.  Truck Company also arrived and their members began the ventilation of the house as the others fought the fire. 

While firefighters attacked the fire, other firefighters searched the premise in the heavy smoke and heat but found none of the residents at home.  They, however, did find four dogs, three of them large Newfoundland’s, inside the smoke filled home.  Firefighters with the assistance of Lynbrook police officers who had also responded to the scene dragged and carried the large dogs from the burning house.  At least two of the dogs were suffering from smoke inhalation and were given oxygen by firefighters with the assistance of the Emergency Medical Company.   One of the dogs which was critical was taken by the Lynbrook police, in a police car, to the animal hospital on Merrick Road and Horton Avenue for treatment. 

With a quick attack the fire was knocked down in about 20 minutes but firefighters were at the scene for over an hour and a half.  The other Lynbrook fire companies, Hose Company, and Vulcan Company, were also on the scene and their members assisted with the overhaul of the house.  During the height of the fire a mutual aid was requested from the Rockville Center Fire Department who sent a FAST team to the scene while the Malverne Fire Department sent a ladder that stood-by.  No firefighters were reported hurt; however one Lynbrook police officer who assisted with the dog rescue was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation.   

Fire Chief Robert Occhipinti, praised the volunteers for their quick attack of the fire which stopped it from spreading to the rest of the house.  He also praised the extra efforts that the firefighters and police officers made to rescue and save the lives of the four dogs found inside the burning house. 


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