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Feeding the Hungry in Harlem on Thanksgiving
Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan

On Thanksgiving morning, a group of members from Lynbrook’s Tally-Ho Engine 3 loaded up the department’s rack truck with 165 turkeys that the firehouse had cooked or had donated over the previous three days.  More than half the turkeys were cooked in the firehouse ovens and in broilers in the parking lot.  The others were delivered to the firehouse after being cooked by family and friends at home.  The turkeys filled the firehouse walk-in refrigerator.  The turkeys were taken on Thanksgiving morning to 125th Street and Morningside Place, in Harlem, where they were reheated on grilles on the street along with additional vegetable dishes that Tally-Ho and other volunteers also prepared and brought. 

This is the third year that the Tally-Ho members as a group have done this on Thanksgiving morning.  Tally-Ho supplied the largest amount of turkeys to this effort which is organized by a nun from the local Catholic Church.  The members also made additional food donations to Sister Barbara at Our Lady of Peace for distribution for local families in need.  The story of Tally-Ho’s Thanksgiving efforts was written about in the November 2009 edition of the FASNY magazine, The Volunteer Firefighter.  A copy of that article was even posted on FDNY’s 40 Truck firehouse door which is opposite the food distribution location. 

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