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Firefighters Donate Turkeys to the Needy

 Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan; Photos by Firefighter Brian Grogan

For the second year in a row a group of Tally-Ho Engine 3 firefighters, organized by Bill Dauscher, cooked bought and donated turkeys at their firehouse and at member’s homes and then donated them on Thanksgiving morning to Sister Mary Lanning of the Second Avenue Gourmet Society who feeds hungry Harlem residents.   The members cooked for four days with at times having six or more turkeys in the firehouse ovens at all hours.  In addition to the members, other residents, friends, and relatives also donated turkeys and canned goods.   Last year the members cooked and donated 80 turkeys while this year 105 were cooked and delivered.  Bill Dauscher’s brother-in-law from Baldwin has played a major role in this effort every year. 

On Thanksgiving morning, with the permission of Chief John O’Reilly, six Tally-Ho members, and three family members, using the spare chief’s car and the rack truck drove into Harlem with all the turkeys and the numerous trays of vegetables.  In Harlem, the members then assisted the hundreds of volunteers, heat, cut, and made plates for those in need.  All of this took place outside on the corner of W125 Street and Morningside Avenue.  The members returned to Lynbrook about 2:30 PM.

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