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LFD Holds Mass Casualty Drill

Story and Photos by Lynbrook Junior Brian Grogan 

On Sunday, September 18, 2005, the Lynbrook Fire Department held a mass casualty drill for a motor vehicle accident between a school bus and a car. The drill took place in Wilcox Alley. Lynbrook Junior firefighters were used as victims in the overturned bus. Victims taken from the bus and car, were transported to Medical Company's quarters, which acted as a hospital. Numerous ambulances from surrounding fire departments assisted in the drill.

 After all the victims were rescued, both vehicles were set ablaze. Lynbrook firefighters then extinguished the fires. The photos are below. While the firefighters were extinguishing the bus and the car a general alarm came in for Engine Company's quarters. The call unfounded. A second general alarm for an automatic alarm came in during the drill's critique. This call was also unfounded.  

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