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Lt. Kelly Recognized by Village Board - Rescued 5 at Working House Fire

Story by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan, Photos by George McCluskey

First Lieutenant Chris Kelly of Engine Co. No. 1 was honored by the Mayor and Village Board at the Lynbrook Village Board meeting on November 20, 2006, for his rescue of five people from a house fire on Horton Avenue in the early morning hours of October 27, 2006.  Kelly was driving home that morning from the airport  when he spotted the fire.

Lt. Kelly called it in, and rescued five people, three of them young children from the burning house.  The whole Department responded and put out the fire confining the fire damage to the rear of the first floor. 

The story of Kelly's rescue efforts was read by the mayor after which Kelly received a standing ovation by the Village Board and residents in attendance.

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