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Pearsall Avenue Chimney Fire - 11/30/2003

Story & photos by  Ex Captain Steven Grogan


On Sunday, November 30, 2003, the Lynbrook Fire Department responded to a reported house fire at 91 Pearsall Avenue off Central Avenue. 

 A Lynbrook firefighter, Paul Dantona, who lives around the corner from the scene and on his way home found a heavy smoke condition on Pearsall Avenue.  He stopped and saw flames shooting out of the chimney at 91 Pearsall Avenue.  The firefighter immediately called 911 and asked  the Lynbrook police to dispatch the fire department.  The firefighter then knocked on the door and went into the house to find a woman homeowner unaware that the fire was in the chimney.  She told the firefigher that she had just put a log on the fire in the basement.  The firefighter went down to basement where there was some smoke and put the fire out in the fireplace but the fire continued to burn in the chimney.  Truck Company 427 was first on the scene followed by Tally-Ho Engine 423.  Other companies arrived and stood by.  Truck laddered the house and Tally-Ho brought a hose line to the roof. The fire was put out with the hose line.   Fire was contained to the chimney area.  The department, under the command of Second Deputy Chief James McDermott, was at the scene for approximately 30 minutes.  The department was at this same house for the same type fire two years ago. 

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