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Lynbrook FD Receives Elks Club Award

 Story and Photos by Ex-Captain Steve Grogan

The Lynbrook Fire Department has purchased self-rescue ropes for their volunteer firefighters.  The rescue rope, costing over $400 each, is attached to the harness of the Scott-pak, the self contained breathing apparatus that is worn by firefighters while fighting a fire.  The rescue rope can be used by the firefighters if he becomes trapped and needs to lower himself from a window or from a roof.   If you recall, one of our neighbors from Malverne, FDNY Lt Curtis Meyran, was killed when he had to jump from a burning NYC building when he had no rescue rope. 

 The self-rescue ropes are being added to each one of the new 45 minute air bottles that are being purchased each year by the department.  At present the department has 16 45-minute packs with the rescue rope.  The new 45 minute air bottles are replacing the old 30 minute bottles as mandated by NFPA.  Next year an additional 15 bottles and rescue ropes will be purchased.  There are presently 73 Scott-paks in service in the department. 

 On November 2, Lynbrook volunteers trained in the use of this self-rescue rope at the firefighter’s arch in Greis Park.

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