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The Floodlight Unit supplies electricity, light and exhaust fans at the scene of fires.

The powerful generator on board the floodlight truck is used in times of civil emergency to provide emergency power in critical situations. 


The Floodlight Unit operates the department's Command Post from inside the vehicle.  The Command Post  handles all radio communications at a fire scene, between the Chiefs, Firecom, and other departments.


The flood light vehicle has two light towers that fold down on the roof, additional portable lights, a generator to supply electricity, and exhaust fans.


Read about the Floodlight Unit by clicking here


2015-2016 OFFICERS 

Captain - Robert Occipinti

1st Lt. -  Robert Cribbin

2nd Lt.- Edward Hynes

Corresponding Secretary - Ex- Chief John Venza

Recording Secretary - Ex-Capt Paul Gulliksen

Financial Secretary - Ex Capt. Gary Wargo

Treasurer - Ex Chief John Matzen

Sgt. at Arms - Chris Hynes



 Edwin Donald

Steve Grogan

Shelly Conn


September 11th, 2001 - Ground Zero - New York City


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