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Vulcan Co. Quarters is owned, operated & maintained by the membership of Vulcan Company Engine 2       


Vulcan Chemical & Hose Company was organized in 1910. Vulcan Company also houses the Fire Police van.


To read the history of Vulcan Co. with photos, please click here. Hall Rental Information: Call 516-593-2022 



Vulcan Company Officers 2016-2017


1st Assistant Chief Carl Lengel


Captain John Matzen Jr.

1st Lieutenant  Shawn Jones

2nd Lieutenant - Steven Cribbin

Secretary - Ex Captain Michael Ambrosio

Treasurer - Ex Captain Edward Murphy

Financial Secretary Ex- Captain Clayton Murphy



Ex-Chief John Matzen Sr.

Ex-Capt. George White



Ex- Capt. Chris Donnelly

 Ex-Capt. Kevin Murphy

Ex-Chief Frank Abrams


Renting Agent -  Ken O'Connor



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