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The Lynbrook Juniors are open to boys and girls ages 12 through 17 and  meet the first Sunday of each month at Fire Headquarters, on Wright Avenue, at 10AM. The Junior Fire Department currently has 45 members.  The kids are encouraged to participate in as many department activities as possible.  The Juniors train with each company so these potential  firefighters gain a complete picture of how each company operates.



Memorial Day 2014



  • The children participate in parades with the department, competing for trophies against other junior fire departments.

  •  The Juniors also run a team in the annual home tournament. The Juniors play softball & football with the fire fighters, just for fun.

  •  During the training of the Juniors it is stressed that school, church and family always come first.

  •  The Junior Fire Department has been in existence for thirty years. The services the children perform helps them satisfy their community service requirements for Confirmation and graduation.


Visit our photo history page with 80 years of photos & video links of the Lynbrook Juniors, click here!



Junior Officers 2017- 2018


Captain Colleen Germain

1st LT. Andrew Abrams

2nd LT. Conner O'Reilly

Sec.  Danny Neri

Treas. James Moran

Sgt-at-Arms James Merkel


Fire Department Advisors


Ex Capt. Janice Germain - Medical Co.

Ex- Capt Laura Gulliksen -  Medical Co.

Joseph Munafo - Vulcan Co.

Chris Hynes - Engine Co. No. 1

Ex-Chief John J. O'Reilly- Engine Co. No. 1

Ex- Capt Larry Bien - Truck Co.

Ex-Chief Anthony "Zemo" DeCarlo - Tally-Ho

Ex-Captain Mike DiGiorgio - Tally-Ho

Ex-Captain Michael Gunning - Hose Co.

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